Cher vs Meatloaf

Cher vs Meatloaf is one amazing show where two American legends come together for one hell of a night of entertainment!

Stacy has teamed up with the best Meatloaf tribute in the UK, Craig Halford, to bring a show of massive rock proportions! Craig had the honour of performing as Meatloaf on ITV's 'Stars in Their Eyes' in 2005 and has paid tribute to the man for over 15 years. 

   These two experienced tribute artists have come together to bring the magic of the well matched 'dead ringers' to life to create a memorable evening not to be missed!

The show consists of 45 mins-1 hr of Cher, followed by 45 mins- 1 hr of Meatloaf, culminating in 30 mins of spell binding duets of the two American legends.

These two artists are the best in the biz for exquisite powerhouse vocals and their voices blend beautifully to harmonise together, which means there is a possibility that there will not be a 'dry eye in the house'! 

Set list includes.....

One set of Cher up to an hour

One set of Meatloaf up to an hour

One set of duets of 30 mins including....

Dead Ringer for Love

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)

Not a Dry Eye in the House

All Coming Back to me Now

The Time Warp