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  Stacy is a singer with an inner rock chick that appears here and there! Stacy sings a wide range of songs from motown, pop, rock and modern classics and may well throw in a guitar tune or two for good measure as she is a true 'rock chick' and here is where her talent truly lies. She is also a well versed songwriter and performs some of her own material. Stacy has been performing for well over 25 years, first starting in the band scene, singing and playing lead guitar for Onyx and HotRoxx which gained notoriety and led to TV and radio appearances. She has appeared on television and on local radio throughout the years, playing at places such as Ronnie Scott's and with such acts as Roy Wood and performed for Ali Campbell, recording in his studio. These days Stacy concentrates on her vocals, classing herself as 'a bit of a belter' and has on many occasions been told she sounds like Cher. This led to her becoming an award winning, international tribute to the legend herself. She remarkably performs a truly authentic show to Cher in every way: looks, sound, moves, costumes and more! Immersing herself fully into the tribute world, Stacy also performs an energetic tribute to P!nk and also an acutely accurate portrayal of the British legend, Annie Lennox, of which she is the UK's No.1 tribute!
  Stacy has always had an interest in rock music from an early age and threw herself into mastering her 'rock attitude'! As part of Onyx, she won 'Rock the Castle '98' and has never looked back. As a solo artist, she is at her best when she get's 'stuck in' to those true classic rock songs and very rarely backs down from a challenge. 
  One of her biggest influences is the legendary Queen and learnt her trade from listening to Freddie Mercury as a vocalist and Brian May as a guitarist. This led her to once grace the stage as the UK's first and ONLY female fronted tribute to Queen with Stacy as 'Freda Mercury'! She is truly the 'QUEEN OF ROCK'!


Below is the newest single- Hold On (To My Hand) - which is raising money for Birmingham Children's Hospital when you purchase a copy.

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