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The superb Stacy Green has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone in this industry, with a CV offering multiple high-quality solo tributes. Here she was showing us her Pink, complete with a ballsy live band pumping away behind her. Beautiful Trauma is the name of this band offering and for those with more of a budget to throw at an event, this is true party band solid gold.

Mark Ritichie,

UK Cabaret

Equally impressive was Stacy Green as Annie Lennox. A dead ringer for Ms Lennox, Stacy Green is possibly the most convincing and committed solo female tribute artiste, in lookalike terms, that I have seen. As a sound-alike Ms Green is pretty damn good too!

In the ultimate act of self-indulgence, I am using my perks as UK Cabaret managing editor to nominate myself as an Experts Choice subject for this final session. The power must be going to my head! On the night, I opted to choose Bowie by Moonlight & Stacy Green as Annie Lennox. Both may find themselves booked for my birthday party next year.  The real Mr Bowie is now with the angels and the real Ms Lennox may just be outside my price range.

UK Cabaret 

Showcase Productions, Stratford


Opening the evening’s session with backing from a live band including two backing vocalists was Stacy Green with her Cher tribute act CHERished. Visually and vocally the act was spot on. ‘Bang Bang’ was superb choice for an opening number, before going into the better known ‘Shoop Shoop Song’ finishing with ‘Turn Back Time’ The perfect choice for a Cher tribute, can be booked solo or with the band.


Showcase Productions Afternoon Session Reviewer Johnny Tait


January 2016


UK Cabaret

Peller Artistes Showcase 2014

Although it was established more than 40 years ago, Peller Artistes almost invariably means the best of UK tribute artists these days. A large contingent of party planners, venue managers and assorted bookers gathered for the first major Peller Artistes showcase since 2011.

Stacy Green as Cher was next and the prerequisite of a successful Cher tribute has to be a great costume. In lookalike terms this was as good a Cher as I have seen, and there are many out there. The vocal was more than acceptable. Surely this must be among the market leaders.

Published Wednesday 29 January 2014 

by Mark Ritchie 'THE STAGE MAGAZINE'

Just turned 8pm, standing room only, artistes do not start until 9.15pm, that's the pulling power of this female "Show Girl".   Three phenomenal spots, firstly a mixture for everyone, secondly a tribute to the recording artiste 'Pink', thirdly we had another mixture of classics, including songs from the fabulous 'Cher', which is another of Stacy's acquistions, excellently portraited. Her presentation and changes of costume are exquisite, vocals, personality and patter are piquant. This young lady would rock any club or venue, and is destined to have an excellent future in the world of entertainment. Her rapturous audience stayed until very late in adulation of the terrific evening's entertainment from a top chic. Must be rebooked by popular demand, noted. Many thanks Stacy.

FOOTNOTE: ent-secs take note, the rock chick, is in my opinion a certain award winning artiste for the future!!

Malcolm Edwards Secretary/Treasurer of the Midlands Counties Entertainment Secretaries Council and Ent Sec of Netherton Liberal Club.

Our first artiste tonight was female artiste Stacy. If you close your eyes and unwrap your ears whilst she's singing you'll see that there is definitely a parallel with the voice of the legend that is Cher. Now open your eyes - along with your mind - and it's a positive that you'll reckon she bears a vague similarity to the aforementioned superstar. But we're not talking about a tribute act here - no -far from it. We're talking about an artiste who can be as versatile as you want her to be whether it be rock chick (her preference), pop princess or something somewhere in between. We're talking about a performer who has the ability to leave you gobsmacked, we're talking about a lass who is an epitome of excellence. It will come as no surprise that I strongly recommend that you book Stacy.

Terry Weaver, president of Midlands Counties Diary, Oct issue 2009

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